Strengthen medical staff capabilities with 3D printing

Make simulations with different levels of difficulty for training
Using 3D printing, it is possible to study personalized treatments, carried out on the anatomy of a patient and his clinical needs, thus increasing the safety of doctors and the entire staff in the execution of the most complex procedures.
3D printing offers a great advantage in the training of students and staff, who will be able to train on cases with specific diseases, replicate the interventions over and over again so as to achieve technical perfection, with a wide range of possible different studies. This allows to replace almost totally the formation on the corpses.

3D printing applications in the medical and surgical field

  • Preoperative studies
  • Replication of real pathologies
  • First period clinical and surgical practice
  • Validation of new medical devices
  • Surgical experimentation outside the operating room
  • Training of students/medical residents
  • Manufacture of prosthetics
  • Making of surgical templates
Stratatasys J850 Digital Anatomy

Stratatasys J850 Digital Anatomy

The 3D printer can create parts that reproduce bones and tissues
Achieve a level of realism unprecedented in medical models. With the Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy 3D printer you can create models that reproduce realistic anatomical parts and simulate soft tissues, muscles, cartilage and bones, thanks to special photopolymers specifically designed for medical applications. The wide range of Polyjet materials allows you to print transparent parts to clearly see hidden tissues and blood vessels.
From CT to 3D printing

From CT to 3D printing

Improve surgical planning by integrating software and 3D printing
Create an optimized and easy-to-use workflow, from importing the DICOM image, to 3D segmentation, to generating the STL file, to 3D printing an organ model, or part of it, starting from the diagnostic image obtained with CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, whatever.
Use a clinical segmentation software that integrates seamlessly with Stratasys 3D printers for the medical industry to create a comprehensive, effective and certified clinical solution for applying 3D printing to medicine, at a fraction of the cost.
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