Why print anatomical models in 3D

The additive technology of 3D printers is revolutionizing the medical field and helping to save lives by making custom models of patients' anatomy.

3D printing of detailed anatomical models

3D printing in healthcare allows doctors, researchers and medical equipment manufacturers to work quickly, perform extensive tests and customize devices for patient therapy. Rapid production of prostheses, surgical guides and organ models from diagnostic images is possible thanks to a 3D printer.
Practical experience, "touching" is essential for doctors and surgeons, but traditional anatomical models are often very expensive. Stratasys 3D printers allow you to work with materials that simulate human tissues, biocompatible materials and sterilizable materials.

3D models reproducing bones and tissues

Stratasys 3D printing offers an unmatched level of realism
Create highly realistic anatomical models that mimic the look and feel of soft tissue, muscle, cartilage, and bone using 3D printing materials designed specifically for medical models with the Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer. A full range of materials allows you to print transparent parts to be able to clearly see internal parts such as hidden tissues and blood vessels.

How to use 3D printing in medicine

Anatomical models made with 3D printing are widely used in various fields of medicine as well as for testing medical devices.

Maxillofacial surgery

3D printing and 3D modeling are used to align bone fragments, find angles for surgical corrections, and 3D print models that can be used to pre-bend titanium plates and other support structures.


3D printing is used to make custom cutting guides that fit exactly to the patient's bone and precisely tell the surgeon where to cut during surgery.

Heart surgery

The 3D printed model helps patients and their family members understand complicated surgeries, as well as helps the entire operations team and post-surgical care team to better understand the surgery, with obvious patient benefits.

Medical device prototyping

Revises and adapts devices with field tests
With 3D printing of medical device prototypes or surgical instruments, you can create customized solutions for each patient quickly. Stratasys 3D printing solutions provide the flexibility to optimize, validate, and verify projects quickly and effectively.
  • Get clear and detailed feedback
  • Delete errors faster
  • Collect reliable performance data
  • Speed up preclinical test prototyping
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