We are Bio3DModel

Bio3DModel is a company of SolidWorld Group, dedicated to services for the medical world, which is bringing into the world of medicine the innovations that will revolutionize surgery in the near future.
We provide technologies, software, services but above all education and training suitable for the development of a new medicine, more built on the needs of the individual patient.
Bio3DModel is coordinated by a team of experts in medical design and 3D printing.
The first in Europe to achieve the Stratasys Certified Healthcare Specialist qualification.

Medical collaborations

To offer 3D printing services to medical facilities, we use the most advanced technologies available on the market and collaboration with two centres of excellence at national level.

TIP - Research group of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Florence

The mission of the TIP Group (Process and Product Innovation Team) is to study and develop tailor-made design methods and tools in different areas of research. In the biomedical field, the group operates through T3Ddy, joint laboratory of the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Meyer Children’s Hospital, to offer innovative and customized care solutions, based on the use of 3D printing and 3D CAD procedures to support the treatment of pediatric diseases. In addition, he collaborates with other hospitals (Careggi, Siena...) for research activities related to the use of additive manufacturing techniques.

e-Spres3D, spin-off of the Endocas center of the University of Pisa

The company develops patient-specific simulators with high anatomical detail. They are models used for medical training, for particular surgical challenges, for demonstrating the functioning of machinery or other marketing goals. e-Spres3D was born in 2012 to respond to the difficulties of medical training, which creates, through virtual simulation or 3D printing, surgical training and medical training courses with increasing difficulty.

Competence Center for 3D printing applications in the field of surgery

The Competence Center in Florence is headed directly by one of the companies in the group, CAD Manager and the reference person is Giovan Battista Semplici, engineer and former administrator of the same, which also deals with coordination with the two major medical centers.
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