17 September 2020 - News

The first 3D printer that replicates human tissues arrives in Bio3DModel

The first model in Europe of the revolutionary Stratasys J750 DAP (Digital Anatomy Printer) has arrived in our Center in Florence and allows us to offer advanced 3D printing services to hospitals, universities and research centers for the preparation of complex operations and training of doctors.
We are proud to announce that the first model available in Europe of the Stratasys J750 DAP (Digital Anatomy Printer), a revolutionary tool to offer 3D printing services in the medical field, is installed at our Center in Florence.

This 3D printer is able to faithfully simulate not only the appearance, but also the texture of organs and tissues. It works with photosensitive resins and is able to use different materials at the same time in a single project, with different textures and colors.

It can replicate a full hand, or a heart, or a vascular system with veins one and a half millimeters thick. Combined with the Medviso software, which analyzes medical images, it creates a three-dimensional model of the organ on which it is necessary to intervene starting from a CT scan or magnetic resonance.

Our team, together with the CAD Manager technicians, is working to develop new projects that, we hope, will contribute to the growth of the quality of healthcare in Italy and to fuel a virtuous circle that is able to attract even the best professionals to the country, therefore "Brains as well as technology".

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